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“The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Champions of Character program is designed to instill an understanding of character values in sport and provide practical tools for student-athletes, coaches, and athletic administrators to use in modeling exemplary character traits. The NAIA developed the Champions of Character program in response to the growing problem of deteriorating standards of integrity in sports and society. At a time when all of sport has experienced increasingly inappropriate behavior by athletes, coaches, and fans, NAIA Champions of Character raises the standards for positive student-athlete development in athletics and academics. The NAIA Champions of Character program has established five core values that stretch well beyond the playing field. The NAIA identifies those core values as: integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership. These character values help student-athletes and those associated with their development, make good choices in all aspects of their life and reflect the true spirit of competition.   The NAIA urges every team to become strongly involved with its own Champions of Character program and the programs of its institution and conference, in fostering a positive atmosphere, an attitude of sportsmanship and a safe experience for all at its athletic events. But what exactly is Champions of Character? Champions of Character is the delivery of the five core values message that is then put into application whether you are a player, coach, fan, or official.   Let’s get started…


INTEGRITY is the positive internal traits that guide behavior. If you have integrity on the inside you'll make good choices on the outside. It’s what you do when no one else is looking.

The golden rule - RESPECT is treating others the way you would want to be treated. You can't build a good relationship or good team without respect.

RESPONSIBILITY is the social force that binds me to the team. Remember you are part of many teams who are counting on you so it's important for you to do your duty to the team.

SPORTSMANSHIP is following the rules, spirit and etiquette of the competition or event. We can demonstrate good sportsmanship in many ways inside and outside of sports.

SERVANT-LEADERSHIP is serving the greater good. It is helping others and doing the best you can for your family, class, school or team.



Women’s Basketball WBCA Day of Service Initiative at Saint Paulist Center


2018-2019 Events


Boston Social Fitness Festival

Come out and Join Fisher Athletes at the Boston Social Fitness Festival at City Hall Plaza

September 15th from 7-3pm

Speaker Series 9/25


Past Events

Aid Collection after Hurricane Maria with Roberto Clemente Foundation

Making Strike Walk for Breast Cancer

Community Service at Saint Paulist Center


Upcoming Events

Sports Clinics

Dig Pink Volleyball

Cancer Awareness Games for Men's and Women's Soccer

Volunteering with the youth at the YMCA


Coaches Character Development

Recruiting Seminar @ BU

BASE-Coaches Academy

NAIA BCA Rep for ABCA and USA Baseball

“Donuts and Coffee”- Leadership Guidance for Beginning Coaches

Aid Relief to Puerto Rico