The Athletics Hall of Fame is intended to honor and give lasting recognition to those individuals who, either through participation, support or interest, have made outstanding contributions in the field athletics, and specifically to the Fisher College athletics program. The individuals and teams enshrined within have not only brought recognition, honor, distinction and excellence to Fisher and its intercollegiate athletics program, they have also continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by intercollegiate athletics. It is also the purpose of the Fisher College Athletics Hall of Fame to promote greater interest in the Falcons athletics program among alumnae/i, students, parents, and friends by honoring the legacy of those enshrined, who have contributed greatly to Fisher's success.

Hall of Fame Criteria

The Athletics Hall of Fame honors alumni and friends who exemplify the values and mission of the College. Inductees are eligible through three categories:

Category 1: Alumni-athletes who have achieved excellence and distinguished themselves both on and off the playing field.

Category 2: Coaches who have shown outstanding dedication to student-athletes and their sport.

Category 3: Administrators and friends who exhibit exceptional support of Fisher Athletics.

Nomination Procedure

Individuals may be nominated by alumni, coaches, faculty, and staff. All nominations must, depending on the Category, match the appropriate criteria:

  • Earned a four-year degree from Fisher College.
  • Played a varsity sport at Fisher for at least two years if the nominee is a transfer student and three years if they are not a transfer.
  • Obtained a degree at least two academic years prior to induction. For example, a candidate who graduated in May 2011 is eligible for Fall 2013.
  • Received affirmative votes of 70% of the voting delegation, which consists of all members of the Hall of Fame.

Nominations are collected by and presented to the voting delegation by Catherine Courtney, Scott Dulin, and Amanda Matarese.  Go Falcons!

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NAME Class Sport Enshrinement
Carmine Charles Class of 2004 Basketball 2007
Eddy Delcarmen Class of 2009 Baseball 2015
Scott Dulin   Director of Athetics, Head Baseball Coach 2005
Thomas Englehardt Class of 2009 Baseball 2011
Joey Eugenio Class of 2007 Baseball 2009
Christian Fisher   Former President of Fisher College 2005
Dr. Scott Fisher Class of 1951 Former President of Fisher College 2006
Patrick Gaffney Class of 2004 Baseball 2006
Vanessa Golay Class of 2003 Basketball 2005
Amy Goodell Class of 2004 Softball 2006
Kessen Green Class of 2004 Basketball 2006
Barbara Haggerty   Friend 2006
Patrick Holland Class of 2007 Baseball 2009
Victor Labron Class of 2014 Baseball 2017
Luis Lara Class of 2008 Baseball 2010
Jeremy Marion Class of 2006 Baseball 2008
Thomas McGovern   President of Fisher College 2010
Victor Molina Class of 2002 Baseball 2005
Michael Newcombe Class of 2007 Basketball 2012
Kaitlyn O'Leary Class of 2007 Softball 2009
Marisa O'Leary Class of 2007 Softball 2009
Kyle Van Offeran Class of 2007 Baseball 2009
Ken Olisky Class of 2006 Baseball 2008
Michael Oliveria Class of 2011 Baseball 2015
Davidson Peguero Class of 2015 Baseball 2018
Edwin Pena Class of 2010 Baseball 2012
Anthony Perry Class of 2008 Baseball 2010
Casey Purcell Class of 2011 Men's Basketball 2015
Patrick Shanahan Class of 2011 Baseball 2014
Jackie Streeter Class of 2010 Softball 2012
Brianna Villamarie Class of 2011 Women's Soccer 2015